Improving Workplace Culture


What if commitment wasn't about white knuckling it?

Tim Ferriss: How do you differentiate between seizing opportunity and resisting temptation?  

 Ed Zschau: Simple, the answer is one word. Commitment. 

COMMITMENT: It has quite a charge to it right?

To commit or not to commit, that is the question.  

But where do we garner the resolve to commit? How do we know when or what to specifically commit to? 

My teacher has a response to this:  

“Life needs the nurturing of commitment and commitment needs strength of character. Character needs strength of values and values have to be learned from the learned, and then practiced and lived.” Yogi Bhajan

So often we think of commitment as having a hard line, an all or nothing affair, one that requires white knuckling our way through. Somehow our idea of commitment gets confused with achieving perfection.  

But Yogi Bhajan speaks of commitment as an act of nurturing. Yes, commitment takes strength and courage. But often the shape of strength and courage shows up in being patient, forgiving, and lighthearted.  

Be nurtured.

Robyn Coady