Improving Workplace Culture


Repeatable Good Fortune

“If forced to choose we’ll always hire first on values over talent. ”  Charles Koch

Most of us come to this conclusion after we’ve been burned in one way or another.  

 So, eventually we learn it’s preferable to do business with an organization whose values are recognizable and align with our own. 

But when it comes to your own business values how do you articulate them?

Have you ever even tried?

Can you imagine the benefit? 

When we see our values clearly, how they work to create value for ourselves and for those we serve, we’re motivated to work towards them.

We can then design decision making processes like strategy, priorities, who to hire, marketing strategy, ect. based on the values we set. 

But how do you structure, reflect and define your core values?  

For months I’ve been compiling and organizing research on exactly that.

I’m putting together an online course to share the most impactful approaches to developing innovative and sustainable business practices based on values. 

In a few days I’ll share more, but for now here is a Personal Values Assessment you can take for free!


Robyn Coady