Improving Workplace Culture


A simmering 6 versus a Concentrated 10!

Achieving peak performance in intervals.


“Most people in high-stress, decision-making industries are always operating at this kind of simmering six, or four, as opposed to the undulation between just deep relaxation and being at a 10.

Being at a 10 is like millions of times better than being at a six. It’s just in a different universe. Same as being all-in on a discipline is millions of times more intense than being 98 percent or 99 percent.” Waitzin 

Josh Waitzin, the author of The Art of Learning, believes learning happens in waves.


There is the period of execution, (or, the battle as he calls it in his disciplines of chess and Ju Jitzu), followed by periods of reflection and study. 


By definition, growth happens just beyond our mental, emotional and physical edges.  


Learning requires we step beyond what we already know in order to integrate new information.

Integration is the reflective aspect of learning.
When new information is fully assimilated it becomes a part of an intuitive process. 


Then a new edge is established for us to move beyond. 


Robyn Coady