Improving Workplace Culture


Branding Culture..a working definition

“ Companies that invest in their employees – and by extension, their brand culture – are four times more profitable than those that don’t.” Scott Gardner CEO Liquid Agency. 

When I told my friend Pete, the barista at Starbucks, that I help businesses shape brand culture, I asked him “Does that make any sense to you?” 


 “ Oh yeah, that is what this whole place (Starbucks) is about.” 

The fact is that most of us immediately recognize businesses that have a robust brand culture. Most of us enjoy being patrons of these establishments. 



Because a business with a recognizable brand that is integrated into every aspect of how that business is run, is a business with integrity. 

It is a business we can trust because our experience of the business is consistent with our expectations. 

Cultivating reliable experience for BOTH employees and customers is my working definition of Brand Culture.  

Brand culture is the practice of distilling what matters most to an organization and integrating it into the DNA of how that organization is run. 

Distilling and Integrating. 

For more than a year I’ve been studying and applying this mode of systems-thinking to my work. 


I’m eager to share what I’ve learned. 

I’m developing an online course to help unpack some of the confusion around brand culture so that business leaders can approach their hard-core business strategy with more creativity and inclusivity.

This course is for anyone looking to establish a robust and sustainable business. You do not have to be “big” to get something valuable from this course. Because a business, whether it is big or small, operates on the basic principle of creating value for others. 

I’ve compiled a short survey to make sure I’m providing the most useful content I can.  If you have the time I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Click on the link below.

Thank you!! 

Robyn Coady