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Wearing Confidence

"Confidence is the greatest outfit. You should wear it all the time." 

This quote is pinned to the wall at the top of the stairs at my gym. It has always bugged me.

It suggests there are times we choose confidence like we choose a shirt, and other times we choose insecurity like another shirt. 

Why in the world would anyone choose NOT to be confident?

If wearing confidence was as easy as if we were to choose it from our closet, the anti- depressant industry would be in big trouble.

Confidence might be one of the most complex states to understand and sustain. 

However, I do know one man who understood confidence well. 

In his book, The Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, lists Seven Steps to Happiness. 

I believe that these are steps towards developing confidence.

For how can you be truly happy andNOTconfident? 

Here are the seven steps: 

1. Commitment
2. Character
3. Dignity
4. Grace
5. Power to sacrifice
6. Happiness

I plan on writing more on the topic of commitment in the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned...

Robyn Coady