Improving Workplace Culture


Enter Experiential Age...

“I study business as a way of studying human behavior.”

Jim Collins said this in an interview with Tim Ferris


Business exists at the intersection of our fundamental needs to survive and create.
During the Industrial Era these needs became split.
When we went to work we left our autonomy, agency, creativity at home.
But we are no longer in the Industrial Era. Some say we’re even beyond the Information Age.  
Enter the Experiential Era.
What does this mean?
It means that a reintegration of our first-hand, lived experience is an essential component to our productivity. Essential to what we chose to pursue and how we choose to pursue it. 
We are in a period of massive shifts. Work doesn’t look or mean the same thing as it did twenty or thirty years ago.
Survival and creativity are no longer opposite sides of the spectrum.
It is essential that we bring our whole selves to the work we do.

Robyn Coady