Improving Workplace Culture


Designing Optimal Creative Contexts = Freedom & Guidelines

When Disney announced it was going to remove it's content from Netflix,

I felt a pang in my heart.                 

   But then I remembered Netflix’s famous Culture Deck.

            In it, they describe the decision to choose freedom, over rules, as a
                       fundamental operating principle of the company.

      A summary of one small component. 

“ As the informal, smooth-running organization starts to break down, pockets of chaos emerge... Rules and procedures proliferate, the value system evolves into rule following (i.e. that is how you get rewarded). ….the system becomes dummy-proofed, and creative thinkers are told to stop questioning the status quo. ….Eventually, however, over 10 to 100 years, the business model inevitably has to change, and most of these companies are unable to adapt.” 

So, Netflix adapts. 

Rules are a natural reaction to control chaos. But there is another way. Guess what happens when you stop relying on rules to run your business?
 You gets adults responding with awareness, autonomy, and authority. 
Here is a link to the full document. I highly recommend.

Robyn Coady