Improving Workplace Culture


Areas of Practice

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Can't we all just get along? 

All over the world people are griping about their bosses under their breath around the water cooler. Supervisors across the globe toss and turn at night worrying because they can't get their workers engaged. Are people's dissatisfaction with work growing? It sure seems that way. Everyone I talk to has a story to tell. I'm not kidding, everybody. Too many good people are turning sour because of poor workplace conditions. Too many people's vital energy is being squandered on ineffective management processes. Let's figure this out shall we?   First, we assess.  

Fix it. Reshaping the Dynamics and Culture of your organization. 

Once we assess we take small but meaning steps to repair, and adjust misaligned dynamics. We might get a new printer, or offer a spontaneous gift card to someone who regularly goes under-recognized. We might organize a profession comedian to do a mock presentation, or ask a subordinate their opinion on an issue of significant importance.  The point here is to cultivate an ethos of good natured folks working together.  

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What makes workplace culture SO bad SO much of the time? Fear. Fear we're going to mess up. Fear we're going to get in trouble. Fear of the unknown, of getting fired, falling behind. The modern workplace shares many similarities with the social and emotional dynamics ingrained in us during the cavemen era when we were living in the wild. But guess what? We're not living in the wild anymore! It's time to adapt and utilize the tools and resources developed by our brilliant species to better our work, our life, and our world. 


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Team Building

Like modern families, modern teams don't look like they did fifty, twenty, or even five years ago! Things are changing at a break neck speed. And that's exactly what will happen to you if you don't have people around you can trust. We are living through radical transformations due to technological innovations. More and more teams are being required to handle problems no one has ever seen before.  We need strong teams, alliances, and networks to keep us in check. Finally we're beginning to understand the inherent value of Learning Organizations. A Learning Organization relies on the collective's capacity to grow a singular vision. Enabling teams to consolidate, concentrate and make it happen is what we're all about.  



 Right at this very moment millions and millions of people are making decisions that will cost them unnecessary  time, money, and energy. Whether this is because of a lack of vision, know how, or guts depends on the situation.  Usually it's a combination of all three.

When the dynamics of the workplace are addressed there is more space, time and imagination to consider dynamic, forward thinking approaches and applications. Ones, that have the potential to make something truly remarkable happen. That's what we all want right? To be a part of something remarkable. Once you give your employees a sense of being a part of something remarkable, something long lasting, something they can trust and believe in that's when they'll start really working for you.