Improving Workplace Culture


                                                                                                              ROBYN COADY


Designing Experience  

  • She starts with Brand purpose.

  • Which Lead to Brand principles.

  • Resulting in Organizational Alignment.

Robyn engages multiple people involved with the organization to build out the customer experience Strategy. Her work is conducted with an open minded discovery mindset.

Robyn has worked in Film, Theater and Psychology. She draws from her experience of story telling in all three realms to design intentional experiences for her clients. Robyn is also a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga. The discipline of Yoga has provided a deep understanding of how creating specific conditions make for specific outcomes.

Robyn holds a BFA from New York University ‘s Tisch School of the Arts and an MSW from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. She also has a teaching certificate Kundalini Research Institute. Robyn is committed to contributing to human development.  

Robyn Connects ideas to behavior.