Improving Workplace Culture




Hi There!

How do I describe what I do?  

I’m a creative instigator working in the realm of shaping brand culture

So, What is Brand Culture? 

We all know it when we see it - or, more importantly, when we feel it. Because, brand culture is when businesses intentionally design experience we can rely on over and over again.

Brand culture is a clear set of carefully delineated conditions and attributes that make the organization what it is. 

If the DNA of an organization is the brand, then brand culture is the blood. 

From marketing to managing, brand culture is the great congealing agent.

The Right & Left Brain Business

Brand culture is the right brain part of creating a business.  It’s the creative, intuitive, relationship building part.

It’s the part that feels first, then thinks.  

And that is important, right?

Because we are feeling creatures and look to businesses to solve many of our feeling needs. 

A business won’t last unless it is responding to our needs. 

There, that’s the bottom line. 

Again for emphasis?  

A business won’t last unless it is responding to our needs. 

Where I’m coming from...   

The world is changing at a rapid pace. So, I help businesses and team members develop more refined sensibilities to be better equipped to respond to their environment. 

This includes responding to their environment in their workplace, their market environment, and their society. 

 I work with the body A LOT, to develop these sensibilities.   

I use a wide range of exercises and thought experiments I’m constantly developing and refining. This is a short list of people I’m currently influenced by. 

Jim Collins, Georgia O’Keeffe, Richard Barrett, Charles Koch, Jonah Sachs, Josh Waitzkin, Adrienne Maree Brown, & Debbie Millman.

My Background

For the last 25+ years I have been working at the intersection of psychology and creativity in one way or another. Before I became a brand culture consultant my background was in the arts. I designed site-specific theatrical experiences, as well as wrote and produced films. From there I went on to develop a psychotherapy practice specializing in understanding habit formation. 

But perhaps the most important thing I’ve done is dedicating myself to the practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I first began this particular yoga practice in 2005. It has been the bedrock of my personal growth and healing. The ancient science of Yoga is the first application of system- thinking I know about. I continue to draw great wisdom from this discipline. 

My experience has taken me on a deep dive into ways to understand and overcome unconscious psychological and social resistance to creativity. And believe me when I say it’s been a journey. But one I’m happy to have taken for the sake of sharing what I’ve learned with others. 

Are you ready to design

Your Experience?

Connect insight to innovation.

Robyn holds a BFA from New York University ‘s Tisch School of the Arts and an MSW from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. She also has a teaching certificate Kundalini Research Institute.